Soyuz vehicle trainers


Integrated Soyuz vehicle trainers
are intended to train expedition crews to control Soyuz vehicle on every stages of flight, including:

       - Soyuz pre-launch preparation;
       - Insertion;
       - Orbital maneuvering;
       - Rendezvous, approach, docking, matted flight with the International Space Station (ISS);
       - Undocking from ISS;
       - De-orbit;
       - Landing and post landing activities.
    Each Soyuz trainer is a full-scale machine. The trainer provides full simulation of operation of all onboard systems during nominal and off-nominal situations. Also, they fully reflect visual environment model for the crew using optical and TV devices during de-orbit and landing.

Since the last 4-crew-member shuttle mission STS-135 in 2011, Russian Soyuz vehicle remains the only one transportation mean to get the crew to the ISS. Three-seat Soyuz vehicle, nowadays, is a modification of the USSR “old” Soyuz vehicle. Appearance has slightly changed, though. But it still remains firm and reliable vehicle to fly on.

“Don-Soyuz” rendezvous and docking trainers

These trainers are intended to maintain crew skills to be able to manually control the Soyuz vehicle and its systems during rendezvous, approach, fly-around, docking and undocking, emergency escape of the ISS and perform a descent using two Soyuz vehicles at the same time. Don-Soyuz trainers fully simulate visual environment for the crew using all optical and TV devices, as well as window located in the habitation compartment to be able to operate optical devices for long-range manual docking with the ISS.

There are two Soyuz and two Rendezvous and docking integrated trainers available in cosmonaut training Center. Also, there is a mobile version of Soyuz trainer which consists of a couple of laptops, controls and can easily be re-located to any facility or place.


Take your chance and dock the Soyuz vehicle to the International Space Station

Soyuz rendezvous and docking hands-on training session. The session includes lecture on Soyuz vehicle configuration and hands-on virtual rendezvous and docking to the Russian Segment of International Space Station. A trainee will experience the entire rendezvous timeline as if you control the Soyuz vehicle and had to dock it to the station. The session lasts one hour and is implemented on the “Don-Soyuz” rendezvous and docking trainer.

Also there is a Soyuz descent trainer. Here the crew build thier skills to perfrom landing of the return capsule to the Earth as accurate as possible. They also train these types of skills under g-loads.