Russian Space Educational Program

There is no nation that would succeed in long-term exploration without cooperation with other countries. Every country involved in it contributes each other for the interests of all mankind. Global ambitious are in common for everyone but has nothing compared to the understanding of processes of space exploration. However, there are countries that still can achieve their goals without partnership.

Russian Space Education Program has its unique vision. It has straightforward goals for current and future generations. Developed in Soviet Union methods and approaches are still applied and they have been proved to be stable, firm and reliable. New methods are being developed and some are successfully applied in Russian space technologies.

One of the paths that come out of it is based in Yu. Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center – the leading organization to train Russian and International astronauts for spaceflights, currently to the International Space Station (ISS). Located close to other Russian leading rocket and spacecraft building organizations, the Center is using its unique techniques and philosophies to mainly train and prepare Russian cosmonauts for space flights, keep, share and distribute its experience among youth, among those who will take over in the middle of the century. Have you been to Star City? It is about right time for you to go through educational tours in Star City.

Russian space educational Program has its unique advantages compared to other Space Camps around the globe:

  1. The Program is implemented in Yu. Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center which has served decades to train and prepare USSR, Russian and International crew members for space flights.
  2. At second, classes and hands-on sessions included in the Program are based on the same training approaches which are applied to train Russian cosmonauts. The same trainers are used to familiarize children with what cosmonauts do during their training process – for example, Soyuz spacecraft rendezvous and docking trainer – unique, mobile interactive trainer to develop knowledge and skills to be able to approach and dock the vehicle to another space object - International Space Station.
  3. Soviet Union MIR Space Station full-scale trainer is used to present a big picture to how cosmonauts live and what they do on board the space station. MIR station trainer was used to train USSR cosmonauts and International crew members for spaceflights aboard the MIR station. A full-scale of Russian Segment of International Space Station is now used train Russian and International crews for living and working aboard the ISS.
  4. All classes and hands-on sessions are fulfilled by either former or current Cosmonaut Training Center’s instructors who train cosmonauts nowadays.
  5. Here you can meet and greet NASA, JAXA, ESA, CSA and Russian cosmonauts and astronauts, because they are all trained here together.
  6. Russian Space Camp can host up to 60 children at a time.
  7. TRIZ is applied in some classes.


It makes Russian Space Educational Program unique and interesting to go through.

Today, with Russian Soyuz space ship to deliver Russian and International astronauts to the International Space Station – taking Educational Program at the Center’s base seems worth doing. Space Camp in Russia has unique infrastructure – it is located at Yu. Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center where we do educational tours in Star City.

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