How much does 1-week-long Training Program cost?

Answer: Each trainng program (educational program) is customized per client's requirements and thier requests.


Where do we first time meet?

Answer: We meet you at the airport to pick the group up.


Who are the instructors?

Answer: Instructors are Cosmonaut Training Center teachers with 15-year experience in cosmonaut training.


How close will we be to trainers/mock-ups?

Answer: at 1-inch distance.


How do we get to Star City/Yu. Gagarin cosmonaut training Center?

Answer: The group is picked up at the airport.


Where do we eat there?

Answer: We provide 3-time meal at Cosmonaut Training Center canteen and it is included in the overall Program's cost.


How many people are allowed to get at one time?

Answer: We can provide training for 50+ people at a time.


What if our group is less than 10 people?

Answer: In this case you will have to pay for 10 people.


How old should children be to participate in eduactional program?

Answer: It's recommended that children be no under 13.

Do we need to take our IDs/passports with us?

Answer: Absolutelly.


Are we allowed to take pictures of mock-ups/inside training facilities or inside mock-ups?

Answer: Yes, you are.

Will we be allowed to go inside trainers/mock-ups and switch toggles and controls there?

Answer: No. Usually not but if you really need to go inside RS ISS mock-up or other mock-ups - we can do that for additional cost.


How long does it take to get to Star City/Yu. Gagarin cosmonaut training Center?

Answer: It takes about 1 hour by bus (or car) to get to Star City from Moscow.


How far are training facilities located from each other?

Answer: All training facilities are located within 5-minute walk from each other.


What language does a program go in?

Answer: Russian language with interpretation. Some classes are in English language.


Do we have to pay extra fee for interpretation from Russian in to English language during a tour?

Answer: No. We provide all-inclusive services.


Is there a gift shop to buy some stuff?

Answer: Yes, there is a gift shop where you can buy pretty cool crew training related stuff.


What else besides training facilities can we see in Star City?

Answer: Yu. Gagarin Museum with its 4 Halls, local Star City 13-dome Church, Yu. Gagarin stature, alley of cosmonauts.


Is submitting my information secure?

Answer: Yes. Your information is protected. We comply with Russian Federal Law #152-ФЗ dated 27 July 2006 "About personal data protection".