Competancy List - Soft Skills


Soft skills are personal and your own skills that help you collaborate, lead, create, and grow in your role. One can't be successful in a job or even life without having soft skills. Work on your soft skills throughout your lifetime. Technical and soft skills exist together, not as one or the other.

During ONE-WEEK-LONG SPACE CAMP activities we pay attention not only at technical part (lectures and hands-on classes) but also at giving every one opportunity to work on and practice their soft skills – being a leader or a follower, making decisions, act fast, encourage others, be a teamwork player, even become an MVP (Most Valuable Player). While hard skills refer to the technical abilities students acquire through training process, soft skills are the less tangible personal qualities that help them succeed on the future jobs. If hard skills are the base, soft skills are necessary additions.

Among many soft skills in human’s nature (some count more than 40), we focus on developing these 6 most important students’ skills (key features) throughout different scenarios during Space Camp activities:

1. COMMUNICATION (including Active Listening). Collaboration without communication is impossible. Everyone has different preferences, so part of the skill is being able to adjust/adapt your communication skills to the environment you are in. Being able to select the right way and stile to communicate with unknown person during a project is as important as to communicate in different ways with different co-workers at work.

2. CRITICAL THINKING – takes a lifetime to develop. Ability to analyze the situation and make an informed decision based on that analysis.

Analysis – Informed decision

Flexibility – there is always another way to solve the problem.

Curiosity - always learn more. Learning more gives ones Creativity and Flexibility and thus leading to Critical Thinking.

Non-standard thinking – Think wider, add all information you have to be able to make a decision.



Solving a problem

Tasks delegation

Decision making – be firm, be confident, be stable and quick.

4. TEAMWORK – be open to feedback, self-aware, empathy, collaborating. Be social.

5. ATTITUDE – be energetic, confident, courteous, friendly, patient, honest, have sense of humor to make people happy to work with you.

6. WORK ETHIC – competitive, driven, persistent, result-oriented.



This is once-in-a-lifetime chance and opportunity to visit a secret area that has served for 60 decades to train the bravest people on Earth – cosmonauts and astronauts. Everyone can join 1-week-long Program – children starting 14 years old, adults, students and their parents, K12 and University teachers. This will give you technical knowledge about International Space Station (ISS), humans training aspects for long-duration space missions – who you have to be or become to be able to fly to space (even on a commercial spaceship), and a little bit of SOFT SKILLS self-development. Also, you will know what problems and tasks are solved on Earth for better human’s life based on scientific research performed in micro-gravity environment – on space station. You will know which area to focus when opening a start-up of you future company – many problems related to space journeys are not yet solved. You will find the difference between professional cosmonauts/astronauts and private space flight participants. And of course, you will know the latest on how “space cooperation” go between Russia, China and USA.