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         We offer you a RUSSIAN SPACE CAMP experience at the world's number one Yu. Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, Russia. It is a unique place where you can experience Soviet Union/Russian space development — from its dramatic past and exciting present to its compelling future. It is one of the places on Earth where visitors can see International partners’ astronauts and cosmonauts train together for their space missions. Cosmonaut Training Center will tell you the story of former USSR space history and current Russia’s manned space flight program, giving guests an out-of-this-world experience like no other.

         All Space Camp activities are implemented at Russian Cosmonaut Training Base where Russian and USOS (United States Orbital Segment including ESA, JAXA and Canada modules) cosmonauts and astronauts are trained for their long-duration missions to the International Space Station.

     Yu. Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center is just 25 km east of Moscow City.





You will see: Soyuz vehicle trainers (Rendezvous and docking trainers, ATV trainer), Centrifuge, Hydro Lab (simular to NBL at Johnson Space Center).

Extra training facilities include: full-scale Russian Segment of International Space Station trainers (including Service module «Zvezda», Functional-Cargo module «Zarya» (FGB), mini-research modules (MRM-1 and MRM-2), Docking Compartment (DC1) and Multifunctional Laboratory module); full-scale "MIR" station mock-up, Star City Yuri Gagarin museum with its 4 different halls.

Meet and talk to Russian and NASA astronaut
We are proud to offer you and your family an extraordinary opportunity to spend time with Russian and/or NASA astronaut here in Star City. NASA and other International partners’ astronauts, including European Space Agency, Canadian Space Agency and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency are trained in Yu. Gagarin cosmonaut training Center. They stay, they live, they train their skills and performance here. Astronauts’ training session dates and duration depend on their space flight preparation timeline which include training slots in each International partner’s space Centers.
Interested in spinning on the Centrifuge with 1-4g or take “Orlan-M” Russian EVA space suit Hydro Lab water training?
Come and try it. Not for free. Price is high. You will survive. Experience is unforgettable.