Master Class

International School of Innovations and Space Education presents Outreach Master Class on your site. Manned spaceflights, as well as robot missions to other planets play significant role in understanding who we are and where we came from. A team of passionate instructors who have worked for decades at Cosmonaut Training Center will bring you knowledge through their instructions to develop skills to be able to understand basics of human space flights and what it takes for peole and rocket industry to reach out to the stars.


We provide fully interactive 2-3 days of intensive training in your location with hands-on activities where your students and teachers will be able to learn how spaceships behave in space and how they fly, and what it takes for cosmonauts and astronauts to successfully get trained for their space missions as well as control a spaceship.



Get familiar with Russian Soyuz manned spaceship design, composition and layout. Read about its launch and landing.